"I want all young girls and women to feel beautiful, powerful and represented in our society.

That is how "Stronger Together" came to my mind. We need to stand together, to stay united to keep showing the world we all have things to say, we all are okay. I decided to organize a photo project based on women.

I want to show that there are no absolutely no limits, whatever your age, your size, your story, your ability, your identification, your scars... You are okay. Every girl and every woman whatever how she looks like, should be represented in our industry.

I made this project to help women feel positive, beautiful and confident. So that the women who will see this, can maybe identify themselves to one of the girls they see. Or at least see that whatever the shape, whatever the body, they all have their place.

Every human has it's own story, we all have different visions of our life, we all struggled in different ways. That is why we need acceptance"


Apply at castingemmaboonne@gmail.com

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