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Makeup by Jade Douguet

 “I think we live in a society so disconnected from our true nature. We seek to eradicate and be in denial of our problems because it is found unsuitable to have differences. There is an injunction we have to hypocritically follow a “healthy and ideal” model of life in our society. In the skin spectrum this results in having a perfect smooth, flat and “absolutely perfect” skin, with hairs “where it is needed” and the skin as white as possible. Having acne for years this has been a real journey. When it comes to the skin, it is very difficult to hide this vulnerability, it’s quite difficult to live with it due to the pain and the discomfort that acne causes. But the mental load of having to make it go away at any cost to validated is an exhausting and anxiety-provoking thing. A year ago, during an exhibition about the moon, I found myself facing an installation of several dozen of small moons on the ground with a mirror standing in front of me, and bam! That’s when I realized I was as beautiful as the moon. Since the irregularities of the moon do not take away anything from its brightness, I thought, why would mine overshadow me? I grew up in a world where I embraced the idea that you shouldn't show your vulnerability, your problems, that you should wear the “happiness mask”. But now I understand that vulnerabilities are precisely what keep me moving forward. Today I'm on the road to recovery thanks of them too, which is why I thank them for being there. "