Makeup by Alexandra Chaix

“I admit I’ve never been really good at talking about myself, probably due to the lack of habit. Because girls like me don't talk about them. This is what I grew up with. I've always had a problem with my body, but being younger I had never heard of it. They say you are fat because you eat too much. I found out much later that no, I am actually fat because I have eating disorders. Then afterwards I was told I was just too much: too fat, too alternative, too different. So yes, people aways talked about girls uncomfortable in their own skin, teenagers with a different style but they were often represented thin. But never people like me, those who embrace themselves and for whom it is not a phase. That’s why I decided to be that person because I am lucky enough to have people around me for who I am not too much. And when I see teens who could have been me or mothers who come to talk to me about their daughter being in my situation and they support them, I am proud. Proud to show that we exist.”