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Makeup by Alexandra Chaix

“I’m realizing that I never wrote a testimony to talk about my body. Probably because I didn't necessarily feel the urge. Perhaps also because when speaking of my difference, it was for me increasing it and putting myself in another box from others. I also had the feeling that by talking about what's wrong, people may feel sorry for me and that's something I really hate. I ‘m not looking for pity and I am far from being pitied. I don’t feel sorry for people who show their difference however, I admire them instead. We only change things by talking and it's true: we all have things to say! I’ve often be told "you accept yourself, I admire you". It’s a nice compliment one can receive but I realized that I didn’t take it as I should have. I maintained myself in that "thing" where I only mentioned the positive aspects of my life in my body and not the hurting parts. All that so people keep saying I accept and embrace myself. Assume is daring to talk about everything. It's obviously important to stay positive and see the bright side of life, but it never should be an extreme that refrain us from expressing our sorrows.

I was born with the glances but now I don't pay any attention to them anymore. There are clearly days when these glances will affect me more than other ones. What saddens me is when my loved ones notice them on my behalf cause I don't want them to hurt for me.

Like many, I would like everybody getting used to see all kind of people, so that we are no longer surprised to see a person out of the tiny boxes of society.

An interview of Barbara Butch really impressed me where she says "... anything is possible.

Today, I try to prove it by integrating all backgrounds, all media’s and necessarily through culture, because culture is what makes people visible. So that we can finally change society's look at minorities… ”

I plan to do the job of actress and I know it won’t be easy. In my fantasy land, I would like to play roles that are not necessarily dedicated to a small person. ”