Makeup by Jade Douguet

“My uniqueness is less visible than some but it’s there. I inherited a pretty special nose and quite hairy skin from my Lebanese father. Unfortunately, these are not very feminine attributes ... But that doesn't stop me. In a world where thin features are praised, my duty is to assert my half-Arab, half-Afro nose (if I can call it that) and stop seeing at as an obstacle, even if it’s right in the middle of my face. ”

Nowadays, according to the sexist social construct in which we live, women’s noses still have to be small, thin and slightly snub to be called "perfect". Meanwhile a flat, big or even large nose, will mean power, virility and strenght in men, while, of course, society does not want a woman to be seen as anything other than fragile and cute.

The thin tiny nose is also a symbol of youthfulness. There’s a reason all the old ladies or witches in cartoons are portrayed with a large drooping / hooked nose. We therefore remain in the injunction of the fresh, young and fine woman, beating the signs of a "different" culture.