stronger projects


“I want to show that there are no absolutely no limits, whatever your age, your size, your story, your ability, your identification, your scars... You are okay.”


I'm a professional photographer based in Paris. In love with diversity. I struggled (and still do) with my appearance always thinking i wasn't good enough, not beautiful enough, not skinny enough. It's when I started seeing girls embracing their bodies, girls that are different that what the industry shows us all day long, with what society loves to call their 'imperfections', that I wondered "why are we so hard with ourselves?".

It's been ages now that I'm into photography, and I always felt weird shooting only skinny, tall girls from agencies. I never understood all the shaming some agencies make, never understood why our society has such tiny boxes, wanting us all to fit in. I was frustrated to work with the same type of girls every time and I'm so tired to see wonderful, talented and gorgeous women hating themselves that much and comparing themselves  all day long to other girls. Our society needs to change, we need to see all type of girls in the magazines, on social medias, in commercials to start identifying ourselves more to women that do look like us. I am tired of this lack of representation, this lack of education that we all have in the facing some “differences” and the lack of tolerance that we face every day, especially for people with a physical characteristic. Long live the singularities!

You are enough.


I want all young girls and women to feel beautiful, powerful and represented in our society. That is how "Stronger Together" came to my mind.  Sorority is key. We need to stand together, to stay united to keep showing the world we all have things to say, we all are okay. I decided to organize a photo project based on women. Based on women's bodies, without any editing on their skin, a project all dedicated to them. 

I want to show that there are no absolutely no limits, whatever your age, your size, your story, your ability, your identification, your scars... You are okay. Every girl and every woman whatever how she looks like, should be represented in our industry (social media, commercials, fashion etc).

I made this project to help women feel positive, beautiful and confident. So that the women who will see this, can maybe identify themselves to one of the girls they see. Or at least see that whatever the shape, whatever the body, they all have their place. Embrace yourself, stop comparing to others that much, unfollow accounts that make you feel bad, follow inspiring humans, connect more to nature, do things that make you feel good, you would never be so rude to someone so don't be that hard with yourself. 

I also wanted unretouched pictures of course, nothing has been retouched on they bodies, on they skin, to again, make women feel empowered in their own skin.


After “Stronger Together”’s realization which was initially made to represent women in their diversity, to represent every bodies and the importance of being united and not compared - I wanted more.

I wanted to highlight and be focused on people who are invisible to society, people who are often described by society as “atypical” with “unconventional” characteristics, people who live with a - more or less visible - difference which is never represented in the world of fashion, advertising etc. The word “atypical” has always had a pejorative meaning, although I am convinced that if we were used from an early age to see all different people who are not singled out as "weird" everything would be easier.

We all need to feel represented, to see people who look like us in ads, on TV, in magazines, in our favorite shows, series etc - without them being there to play the weird character / pointed out, but why not the hero or simply there to be there and not for their difference -. Even without being singled out every day, when you don't feel represented it is obviously more complicated to find your place.