About the project

Stronger Togethr is a photo project focusing on sorority. I made this project to help women feel positive, beautiful and confident. So that the women who will see this, can maybe identify themselves to one of the girls they see. Or at least see that whatever the shape, whatever the body, they all have their place. Sorority is key. We need to stand together, to stay united to keep showing the world we all have things to say, we all are okay.

Embrace yourself, stop comparing to others that much, unfollow accounts that make you feel bad, follow inspiring humans, connect more to nature, do things that make you feel good, you would never be so rude to someone so don't be that hard with yourself.

some behind the scenes of this incredible project.

some behind the scenes of this incredible project.

A sneak peek at what it looks like to reunite incredible women.

"You are enough"

quick reminder to everybody reading this.

Paris only at the moment.

You wanna be a part of the next session?


Ce projet n’est pas terminé, si vous souhaitez y participer, il suffit de m’écrire à castingemmaboonne@gmail.com ou via le formulaire de contact en précisant “strongertogethr” en objet avec une description de vous & des photos.